SAL or Sallie (South African Lizard)

SAL working sheep at Summit View Farm in Zirconia NC (photo credit: Maureen Scott Robinson)

More: SAL is a special girl and touches everyone she meets. Her previous owner, my dear friend Maureen, became ill with ALS and lovingly re-homed her dogs before she passed. SAL was a gift and reminds me of Maureen daily. Maureen, a dog trainer/sheep herder trained SAL and traveled all over with her. Maureen taught me how to herd via a whiteboard (she had lost her ability to speak) and Sal and I continue to grow as a team. SAL is affectionate and literally gives hugs.(taught by Maureen) She loves her people and she loves when she knows we are going to work sheep or simply play ball. Everyone who meets her sees how special she is. I am blessed. We miss you Maureen.