Strong, shiny, sweet and spectacular

More: Our girl had an amazing intuition. She saved our 21 year old blind cat by carrying her on her snout from the deep end of the pool to the steps. She saved a man in a remote trail that only she saw fall and led us back to him to call 911 as he was unconscious. She also wrapped her body around the same cat she saved from the pool when he was very Sick at age 21. She layed with him all day completely wrapped around him until he bounced back. She was an amazing girl. I mourn for her every day still. I have two Norwich terrier’s. Our Gus is 14 and was Sidney’s best friend and we also have a one year old Norwich. He would have loved her. I’m not sure you would consider adding a deceased dog to your competition but she was an outstanding Labrador and you can see from her photo….she was stunningly beautiful for her breed. She was amazing in so many ways.