Snuffy first day in his new home!!

More: Snuffy is a rescue from a high kill shelter in Texas. He was on death row, and a rescue from Colorado, the Humane Society of the South Platte, brought him to Colorado to be adopted in our pet friendly state. We were the lucky family who was honored and blessed by being able to adopt this sweet boy. You see, we had lost both of our fur babies earlier this year. Our Poodle was 19 and passed from natural causes. Our Yellow lab was 11.5 and he passed away from hemangiosarcoma. Losing both of them so close together was a crushing blow to our family. Our house was too quiet and the grief was thick. Snuffy was just the tonic we needed. He is funny, kind, active, affectionate, gentle and oh so smart! It is the truth that Snuffy has rescued us instead of us rescuing him. He has brought new life and joy to our household. We can’t wait to see where his new lease on life takes him! Because he is a rescue, we are unsure of his breed or his exact birthdate. My father died in June of 2020 of complications from COVID-19. My husband’s nickname for my father was Snuffy, so we named our beautiful boy after my father, and gave him my Dad’s birthday too. We are waiting on DNA test results to determine his breed. The results should be in very soon! Just as an aside, Snuffy is on a special, high fiber kibble made by Purina Pro Plan, and he loves to hike in the mountains behind our house here in Colorado, so he would be a great ambassador for both Orvis, and Purina. Thank you for considering him for your contest!