Capture my beauty

More: Sophia, was unlike any dog I have ever had, or been around. She never met a stranger, and she never had a mean bone I her body. She wouldn't not kill or hurt other animals. She was to loving, to the point she would follow mice around to their holes or hiding places. The wait for them to come back out so she could follow them so more. She earned the nick name of Worm. Because she would walk on her hind legs, most of the time. That's how she would greet people, she would stand on her hind legs and use her front paws to wave at them, to get them to come over to her or to say hi, or bye to them. She loved camping and going down to the river to rock hunt with me. When I would dig in the sand for arrow heads or rocks she would walk a few feet away from and dig a hole. She would always be watchin the things I did, and would mimic me to some point if she could. She because my hero in life, and through her I learned the true meaning of living my life in harmony. She was always happy go lucky, nothing ever seemed to bring her down. Every morning I could always depend on her cheery face waking me up, or tellin me good morning. I have never met a dog of her unsualness. She was more Love then anything