Stanley Owen

Ok, I'm ready...throw it one more time.

More: Stanley Owen was adopted and loved by a volunteer of Young at Heart Senior Pet Rescue in Woodstock, IL. When this volunteer passed away suddenly Stanley was brought to Young at Heart to hopefully find another loving person/family to adopt him. I am the Volunteer Coordinator of Young at Heart and fell immediately in love with Stanley. I was not able to bring him into my home as I had two senior animals who had medical problems. After a few months I unfortunately lost both my senior pets in the same week. As heartbroken as we were, we were also able to open our home up to Stanley. He has been the best little addition and helped my husband and I cope with the loss of our other pets. He continues to bring joy to us and everyone he meets. He also continues to be an "Ambassadog" for Young at Heart attending events and showcasing how awesome senior pets are.