Starky Fetching a Stick

More: During the early stages of the pandemic we thought about the many dogs who were in need of adoption and began searching through some local rescue websites. Through the rescue, Lucky Dog in Washington DC, we saw Starky's photo and didnt look any further. We wanted him to be part of our family. After hearing his history - found as a stray on the streets of Texas, that he was fun loving and energetic , but mostly in need of a loving family, we made arrangements to meet him with our two other dogs (Sierra, a 3 year old lab/hound mix and Terry, a 11 year old Golden Retriever). We fell in love. Starky loves to run, play, hide bones, "talk", and in warmer months loves to swim in the pond or lake and fetch sticks! He is lovable and we love him with all of our hearts. Our teenage boys help out daily with walking Starky and he's become a lover of chasing their lacrosse balls in the backyard too!