Dreaming of her boys

More: Stella was adopted from an animal shelter at 8 weeks old. She wasn’t exactly the pick of the litter, infact, she was the last one left. Black and white with a big black heart shaped spot on her side. She was a cute little thing. One thing about her , she loved her boys Chip, Jack and Blake. My grandsons. Chip was only 2 when we got her and jack and Blake were born several years later. Stella was the best babysitter and loved the attention those toddlers gave her. At night she would check everyone’s bedroom to make sure the boys were all safe in their beds before she would sleep at the top of the stairs to guard the house. She was the best dog ever. She never complained, just happy to be fireside with the family or under a table at a picnic waiting for food to drop. Stella passed this past summer from cancer. She will always and forever be missed. My grandsons are now 16, 11 and 9. She was their first dog!