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Storms don’t scare me.

More: Sully is beyond loved and the strongest pup we know. Before Sully was 3 years old he had 3 different surgeries. The first one he ate a bath towel. The following two were both plastic q-tips. Once surgery was preformed they were found floating in his abdomen where he had quickly began to become septic. We are so blessed we noticed the signs of him not being his happy self and rushed him to our vet who saved him both times. He is now the happiest, snuggliest love pup we know. He loves naps, treats, swimming in our lake, riding in the car and walks. He loves to sit in your lap as if he were not 100lb Lab. But the sound of the Garbage Truck…that’s where he draws the line. Nope! Not that Garbage Truck! It scares him. But not to worry, we protect him! 🤍 Everyone loves Sully. He is pretty amazing!