Soaking up the Last Rays of Sunshine

More: Tala is a very high energy breed of dog and not a breed for new dog owners either. Her training is constant; but the benefits are massive. For a 1.5 yr old she knows basic commands, she's a pretty good goat/cow herder, a wonderful guard dog, a rabbit hunter, and provides me with emotional support constantly. She's my constant shadow and is by my side indefinitely. This breed is a very intelligent and excels at just about anything thrown at them and they do it with eagerness to please their person(s). The backstory of how I got her is a sad one. I was working on a dairy farm when a man brought her by one night and said her owner (who had worked for us previously) will be back for her in a few weeks. Weeks turned to months and he never came to get her. That night she was dropped off unbeknownst to me a dear friend of mine had walked into the woods near his home and took his own life, I can't help but think during what was a very dark time for me, she was brought to me for a purpose; to make sure I stayed as much as I didn't want to after learning of my friends passing. I honestly don't think I'd be here without her. I love her dearly.