My Golden Boy

More: Little Joe Tazio (Taz, for short) is the best friend a girl could ask for. But he’s not only my best friend, he’s my family. Taz is loyal, playful, and full of personality. He’s a 5-year-old rescued mixed breed who absolutely loves being outside. The woods and mountains are his favorite place to roam. He loves climbing trees (or trying to), chasing squirrels and cooling off in creeks. While he doesn’t love the heat, he isn’t opposed to the beach in cooler months and loves rolling in the sand and narrowly escaping the crashing waves. A couple of months ago, Taz was unexpectedly diagnosed with lymphoma. He began receiving chemotherapy treatment immediately and has been responding very well. He is completely himself and loving the outdoors more than ever. He doesn’t care when people notice the shaved fur on his leg. He doesn’t waste time feeling sorry for himself. He’s living for the moment and loving hard, same as he always has. Taz is a fighter and reminds me every day that life is precious, so we better get out there, be present, and enjoy it. Together.