Within Their Eyes Is Love

More: Hello, Tessa (Tess) is a rescue dog. She was picked up by a shelter (they believe) after being dumped from a puppy farm cause she wasn’t a purebred. She was nothing but skin and bones when I adopted her. Hair loss, malnourished, nails flaking, severe anxiety. She’s still nervous meeting new people and terrified of most men but improves each day. We think there must’ve been an abusive male wherever she was before the shelter. She is so full of love, energy, and joy though. I knew as soon as I saw her posted on the shelters Facebook page that she was meant to become part of my family. I picked her up the next morning right as they were about to tack her to a rescue shelter. She came right up to me and climbed into my arms like she understood that she was going home. She loves snuggling but could run all day too. Every moment spent with her fills my heart with such joy and love. She’s never even growled or shown aggression towards anyone or anything after all she went through as a pup. She’s very protective of me and stands by me like a guardian when someone new comes around. She shows me the beauty and wonder of life every day with her curiosity and happiness. The picture I am entering was only two weeks after I got her. Her eyes were already shining brighter and I knew she new we were each other’s forever home. I’m currently training her and have her registered as a service dog. I have PTSD and Tessa and my other dog Molly have helped me grow so much stronger from their love. I’m so proud to be a part of their pack and learn from them as much as they do me. - Kendra Carter