Snow Paws

More: Tex is a six-month old Cavapoo with a heart of gold. His mother was a King Charles Caviler Spaniel, and his dad was a beautiful golden Toy Poodle. Tex, is named after the larger than life state of Texas, perfectly matching his larger than life personality. This soulful companion was spotted by his parents while on vacation in the great state of Texas. Within just one day of their return, their family grew by four-paws, and he was given the name Tex. Everywhere we go, Tex can’t wait to meet new people, greeting them with a little smile and a happy tail. In just 6 months he has exemplified the true meaning of a companion. His soulful eyes and beaming energy give a new meaning to what it means to be a pet owner and to share your life with your pet, as he has seamless fit without our family. Usually, you find Tex playing fetch, puppy training with his mom, sleeping with his favorite toys, or sitting on your lap. Dogs are truly a blessing, and he is no exception.