This is Honeysuckle Sunshine Bentley, or “Honey.” She finds sunbeams anywhere inside or outside of the house and loves to bask in the warmth. If we ever can’t find her, we just look for the sunbeams and there’s a 99% chance she’ll be there.

“Basking in the light”

More: She is the snuggliest teddy bear dog that we’ve ever owned. Her favorite thing is romping at the beach and making new friends. When mom is teaching piano lessons, Honey can be found under the piano bench, enjoying the music and new friends coming through the door every 30 minutes. She begs for treats all day long, and if she smells a banana being peeled open, she’ll come running as fast as she can. She likes to take her naps pressed up against the geraniums in sunniest spot of the backyard, listening to the fountain and the birds. She is the love of our lives and definitely the official third child in the Bentley household. 😊