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I’m a future flusher.

More: Thurston is highly active and shows strong instincts of his breed. When he is 8 months old, he will be going to (what we like to call) ‘dog military camp’ to be trained as a gun dog for bird flushing. We’ve taken him for a couple of evaluations and he’s doing very well, proudly showing what he can do. Last weekend, he was able to retrieve his first live bird. He came from a breeder in Western S. Dakota from a small family breeder. As you can see, Thurston is quite photogenic and has beautiful markings. I wish I had a photo of him in action. We’re going back to the training this weekend so I will take some photos in the field. It would be marvelous to win the contest, as Thurston already eats Purina Pro Plan for puppies; Lamb & Rice. He’ll be trained at Boberosa Gun Dogs in Indiana. They train dogs from all over the country.