Taking a moment to appreciate life - being zen

More: Traveler is a Golden Retriever in an Australian Shepherd coat. I say this because Australian Shepherds don't typically meet people with more enthusiasm than someone who just learned they won a million-dollar lottery! He's a lovely soul. Kind, intelligent, athletic, funny, and snuggly. His breed name is Stargate's Enjoy the Ride. I named him that to remind me it is all so very brief, and we are so lucky to travel through time and share our lives with these amazing creatures who teach us something just about every day. Traveler, who through an animal communicator, told me I should call him Captain Fun-tastic! Ah, no - competes in Agility and lives with two other pups, Zuni, an 11-year-old Australian Shepherd, And Pippa, a 3-year-old rescue Australian Shepherd mix.