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Trout, Remy and Bogey

Adventure is out there!

More: Trout, in the front, has been a once in a lifetime kind of dog. He’s currently battling cancer, strong as ever though. He finished chemo about a month ago and he’s doing great! The most stoic being I know. He loves everything out of doors, especially water! He’s my very best friend. Remy, our first, is our shepherd. He always makes sure his pack is together, never leaving anyone behind. He’s a sucker for pets and cuddles and is the sweetest old sport. Bogey, the baby (and Remy’s first born in a litter of 15!!) is a complete maniac and we love him for it. Define free: Bogey. He’s the happiest lab I’ve ever met, and that’s saying something! He loves running, running and more running. We love our pack! Dogs are angels.