Tucker Boy goes to the cabin

More: Tucker is an energetic and playful pup. While he can startle easily, his instincts as a Labrador are fully in tact and booming with confidence. His motto is "Ball is life" (I'm certain someone was holding a ball behind me while this photo was taken). The house could be on fire, the world could be ending, and zombies could be attacking us, but if you have a ball in your hand that's ALL that Tuck will care about. He's a true companion; wherever we go, he comes with us (work, cabin, errands, etc.). Tuck is very intelligent and has us all wrapped around his tail. And as you can see, he's clearly easy on the eyes (and probably knows it). When Tucker isn't playing fetch, accompanying us on jogs/walks, or playing with his many toys, he loves to end his days on his Orvis beds. We have multiple, and they are his (and our) favorite! You know it's a good dog bed when your dog would rather sleep on that versus in your bed with you. Thank you for making such great quality dog products for pups like Tucker!