Tucker and Swiftly


More: Tucker and Swiftly are the best of friends! Swiftly was originally bred to be a service dog. Being diagnosed with IBD, she was unable to continue in the program and became eligible for adoption. Wanting to foster after having to put down our last family dog, the last thing we (as a family) expected was to have another dog of our own but we could not have been happier to welcome her into our pack (and my parent's household). Two weeks after getting married, my husband and I came across Tucker's picture on Facebook from a local breeder. My mom knew we were looking and tagged me in a comment on the post, and the rest is history. We picked him up the next day and brought him home! Swift wasn't a fan of having a little rugrat around, but quickly fell in love with T just like we did. They've been inseparable and the best of friends ever since. They go everywhere together, including our family cabin up north where they get into all sorts of adventures together. Every now and then we can get them to stay still for a picture. But being true retrievers, treats were definitely involved.