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Darkness is one hell of a coach

More: There is not enough time in the world to describe the awesomeness that this girl possesses. Voodoo came into my life on ‘accident’. She was up for sale after she sustained a back injury in bite work training. She had gone through4000 hours of extensive training and there she sat up for sale....(a very long story short) I bought her on a whim. She has been my ride or die and has saved me in many ways-mentally, physically, and emotionally. She is my ‘black mamba’, a stealthy methodical killer and , my batgirl-a superhero in the world of fake friends, and a lover to my soul. She is a constant in my life. She is ALSO used as a ‘Mommy’ in my daughters k9 training program to gently guide misbehaving dogs and puppies and whips them into shape. Seriously, she’s just the best out of all the other beasts, she is the best.