Wild Blue “Spartacus”

I am Dog, I am the Greatest Dane… but you can call me Spartacus.

More: Spartacus loves people and other dogs. He is as friendly as they come but a bit intimidating to those who don’t know him. He enjoys swimming in our pond, playing with his best friend (a beautiful Great Dane, named Liza), and sleeping with his pal, Kojo (our cat). Spartacus uses a lot of products from Orvis but the Micofiber Seatcover has been the biggest of help as it keeps him from sliding around on the back seats and the seats are made of leather so the cover keeps them warm in the winter and cool in the summer! Perfect ~ Thanks Orvis. I took this photo of Spartacus recently on my iPhone 13 pro. Thank you for considering Spartacus for your Cover Dog. -Stephanie & Spartacus