Our Sweet Willie

More: Willie has been in our family since he was a couple of months old and we cannot imagine our lives before him! He is the most loving, sweetest, caring and cuddly dog. Especially during the pandemic when everyone was home, one of his favorite things to do is cuddle. He has this amazing 6th sense when someone is sad or sick and won’t leave their side. He loves all his toys and every time someone comes home, he will bring a different toy to the door and just want to play with anyone who comes in. No matter what time of the day, he is filled with life and energy. He is excellent with young children and other dogs and is a gentle 80lb giant with them. He loves playing with other dogs of all sizes, but mainly the dogs bigger than himself such as a husky! He loves his walks, going to do the dog park, and exploring new things! He is very adventurous. He has won the hearts of so many of our family members and friends! We love you Willie!