"Sure, I'll take a treat if you have one!"

More: Wolf is a sweet, highly intelligent, wonderful dog. He loves people big and small and makes them feel welcome even if they might not be "dog people". He enjoys fetching, but on his terms. He gets the ball once, then spends the next hour chewing on it. But as soon as the thrower gives up and goes back inside, Wolf is ready to fetch again. Maybe. He can't get enough of cars- riding in them, sleeping in them, or just hanging out. He would very happily live in a car. He likes to be outside, in all kinds of weather, pretending he truly is a Wolf out in the elements, protecting his tribe. He's not so sure about "spa day", i.e. getting brushed or washed, but does like the treats that follow. One of his favorite things to do is going on long hikes in the woods, exploring who else has been there, and leaving his own messages. Wolf might just be the best dog ever.