Xena the warrior princess

Just chilling

More: I found this dog 8 years ago, dumped at a park in Fairbanks Alaska where I had a traveling respiratory therapist assignment. Xena was 8 weeks old and barely weight 3.8lbs. She couldn’t even stand up and every bone, ribs, and joints were sticking out due to starvation. I picked her up and cleaned her off and found some puppy food with milk and she ate and ate as much as she could. I knew there was something left in her to survive. Took her to the vets the following morning and after 8 days and $1800 she came home with me and never been separated at all from this dog. She is the best of the best dog that I have ever had in my life. We have traveled everywhere together. Love 💕 her so much. The joy she brings me is incredible.