Yogi, Violet, Teddy

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More: From L-R Yogi, 13 a 3-legged Chihuahua we rescued after what was thought to have been a car accident resulting in amputation of his hind leg. He's a tough little stud who does walking handstands. Violet, 4 We adopted her from the Atlanta Humane Society. Out of a sea of about 30 little black dogs who looked alike, my husband and I independently chose her. She's funny, happy, fast and can jump crazy high. Teddy, 6 We adopted Teddy after he was found by workers of an animal shelter in North Georgia, tied up outside their facility one morning. He makes the craziest faces and as a result, he's a little social media star and even has a Hallmark ornament. He gives back to animals in need and personally delivered a check back to the shelter who took him. Talk about full circle!