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Up at Dawn

More: Zoey is an energetic and loving dog. She is an amazing big sister to her little sister and brother (both humans). She loves to swim and will chase her throw toy along the beach for hours, which usually requires a rotation of family members to avoid shoulder injuries. After a long day at the beach, Zoey walks back up to the house, gets a soothing bath, shakes her booty, and towels off. She enjoys a long ride in the gator before sunset to complete the drying process. Zoey then returns home to turn into a big snuggle bug. She usually lets us know when it’s time for bed with a cute little stare and then retreats to the bedroom while periodically looking back over her shoulder to be sure we are following behind. She sleeps on the foot of the bed, where she can frequently be heard snoring and also seen swimming in her sleep. At first light, she quickly jumps off the bed and starts the daily routine all over again.