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Maple Meatball Dur

Happy Camper, Sunshine, Deer Isle, Maine

More: Maple is the best. My 12 year old named her Maple because she says she is the color of Maple syrup and we have a ton of Maple trees on our property at home. Our other daughter was 3 when we adopted her and just kept calling her Meatball. I would have adopted any dog but due to my daughters' ages they said we needed to adopt a puppy. We adopted her 4 years ago. We were told that she was a beagle hound mix but if you google her she comes up as a Polish Hound or basically the best dog over! She is perfect- usually not a fan of the water when we are home in Pound Ridge, NY but loves running on the rocks during low tide in Maine and when we throw her Orvis toy into the water. The vest is the best so we can see her especially when she runs the most in evenings. We love all dogs and hope to adopt more! Maple loves Maine but will be happy to be back at her Orvis beds when we get home! we have the big one with sides and the non chewable one too!