Tonka, in his natural habitat!

More: Tonka is a precious boy. We adopted him from a local shelter and he has been the best addition to our family. He was very underweight when we adopted him and through many vet visits we discovered that he has Endocrine Pancreatic Insuficiency. This is where the pancreas does not break down the food for the dog to be able to use the nutrients for energy and weight gain. After much trial and error Tonka is now on medicine and a food he can tolerate. He has to have his medicine with each meal and cannot have treats, sadly, so he enjoys ice cubes instead! He loves toys and adventuring with us. He should be able to live a normal long life as long as his medicine is administered with every meal. He loves playing with our son, playing fetch and aggravating our cat Greta. He would make a great cover dog because he is absolutely beautiful and so so smart!